Simple vegetarian fried rice

Hokay, so this batch of rice I made turned out kind of gushy and unimpressive because today I was cooking without:

  • Patience
  • A wok
  • A brain

But I have made this dish so many times with great success that I feel confident in sharing the recipe with you.  Do you trust me?  Well, you probably shouldn’t.


3 cups white, long grain rice, cooked and refrigerated for at least 24 hours (this is important!!!)

1 cup diced carrots

1 cup frozen peas (canned peas are too mushy)

3 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup soy sauce (Kikkoman, it’s the only choice!)

3 tbls vegetable oil

4 eggs

“I’ll stir fry you in my WOK” – The Beastie Boys and Me

So first you want your carrots, your peas, your garlic and your oil all cozy together in the wok.  Turn the heat on medium-high and cook for about five minutes to defrost the peas and soften the carrots.  Next add your at least one day old rice.  If the rice isn’t kind of old, you end up with the clumpy mess that I did.  This was my first mistake.  I lacked patience and therefore instead of making the fried rice tomorrow after my rice had a chance to age I made it tonight.  Seems like there should be some kind of Chinese proverb about this…


soy sauce commercial break.

After you add the rice add your soy sauce and turn the heat up high.  I like it if the rice even gets a little toasted, it adds a really yummy flavor.  Stir frequently.  After about five more minutes add your eggs.  This is why it’s important to cook in a wok where there is a lot of surface area.  Try to make your eggs come into contact with the surface of the wok more than with the rice, if that makes sense.  You want your eggs to cook kind of separately and then incorporate them in.  You can actually cook them completely separately if you want and fry them in a different pan.  Whatever you want.  Just like always. Here’s a picture of me doing the opposite of what I have advised you to do:

“Do as I say, not as I do.” – Drunk parents and Me

Hey you’re almost done.  Actually, if your eggs are cooked, then you are done!  This recipe is cool because it can easily become unvegetarian-ized by simply adding a meat element when you cook the carrots and peas.  I recommend shrimp.  Then it would be “Shrimple Non-Vegetarian Fried Rice.”  Get it?

Buen provecho!