Comida es vida

I know that starting a food blog is one of the most cliche things one can do these days but, I’m doing that.  You hear that, world?  I’m doing it!

Besides being an online recipe book for me (if I were a sea creature, I’d be shellfish, get it?) I want to use this blog to express my love for food and culture.  I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in my 24 years and along the way I’ve met some amazing cooks and tried some spectacular food.  My hope is that I can share these dishes with you, as well as some dishes of my own creation.

Food is life.  Food is culture.  One of my favorite things to do in this world is cook a meal with friends and then sit down to share it, maybe with a nice bottle of wine.  Dinner tables are places where experiences can be shared and relationships can be cultivated.  Nothing brings people together like a delicious dish and good conversation.

So, enjoy this blog. I know I will, just as much as I enjoyed this sandwich.


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